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A Notarial copy contains a statement made by the Notary Public that such copy is a true likeness to the original document.

Aron Gillard is available to notarize documents upon request.

​Whether you are incorporating a new business, dissolving an inactive corporation, seek assistance to maintain your Corporate Minute Book annuals, including the documenting of special resolutions, share transfers, or a change in directors, Gillard Law would be pleased to assist you with your corporate needs.

​Although people do not often anticipate a breakdown in their relationship with their partner or spouse, there are various reasons why every couple should consider signing a Marriage Contract or Cohabitation Agreement in the initial stages of their relationship.

On separation, it is advisable to put the terms, including the division of assets, in a signed Separation Agreement.

Gillard Law is available to assist you with all of your domestic contract needs. 

​If you have a Small Claims Court matter or a landlord-tenant dispute, Gillard Law is available to represent you.

Although Aron Gillard prefers to settle claims outside of court or the Landlort-Tenant Board, he will advocate to the fullest on your behalf.